About Us

About Us

Little Bitty Hearts Doll Cosmetics

Stephanie picked up her first American Girl doll Nanea shortly after her daughter received Luciana in January 2018. In the first couple weeks after Nanea arrived, Stephanie discovered the world of doll customization. She fell in love with the idea of unique hand-painted and rewigged dolls but thought that there had to be another way to customize her doll without having to decapitate and send her head away to be customized. After searching for simple solutions to no avail, Stephanie thought of a possibility – eyeliner decals. She set out to cut the perfect eyeliner shape by hand. Nearly 3 hours and a living room floor full of tiny paper scraps later, the prototype for the Original eyeliner shape was born. The Everyday shape was created shortly after for those who preferred a more subtle look – then came eyelashes, eyebrows, tattoos, and more.

Today, Little Bitty Hearts serves customers from all over the world. Our products have also been featured on American Girl Ideas, Chloe’s American Girl Doll Channel, Elite Doll World, and Sew4Dolls. If you own a doll, we strive to provide the options to help you achieve your customized looks.

Product Features

Little Bitty Hearts is the original creator of American Girl doll makeup decals.

We offer eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, nail polish, tattoos, and more!

Handmade with Love

Our products are specially designed for American Girl, Our Generation, and other 18-inch dolls as well as 14-inch dolls like WellieWishers and Glitter Girls and Neo Blythe dolls.

Easy & Safe Application

Our products are created from Cricut Premium Vinyl, which is easy to apply and remove without residue. Specific application instructions can be found in our product descriptions and FAQs.

The Littlest Details

Our products are hand-tested on multiple doll brands and face molds to ensure the best results for your dolls. We are constantly working to improve our designs and create exciting new products.

What Our Customers Think

  • Little Bitty Hearts offers a variety of different makeup options for your dolls. I have used them on my American Girls and Our Generation dolls. I really like how quick and easy it is to add to my dolls and make them even more beautiful. My favorite items are the eyeliner.

    Shawna L. @sew4dolls

  • Little Bitty Hearts is amazing! Her stickers are easy to use to customize, and they always add the perfect extra touch for a custom! Or they can be the perfect thing to make an already great doll unique for you! She always ships fast and is so sweet!!!

    Cami H. @CamisDolls4Days

  • I absolutely LOVE Little Bitty Hearts doll makeup! You can completely transform your doll’s look (and remove it if you grow tired or want to make her look completely different all over again! I am fickle!). This is LIFE-CHANGING for a doll enthusiast! My daughter is 5 years old and she completely loves adding makeup to her dolls. And I don’t have to worry about marker makeup anymore!

    Sara F. @chloesplayroom

  • Little Bitty Hearts’ products are absolutely amazing! I have been a customer since the very beginning. They are incredibly easy to use! If you don’t like the initial placement, you can peel them off and start again. Her items are high quality; some of the makeup my dolls are wearing is over a year old! It doesn’t come off unless you peel it off. Once you change your mind, you can easily peel it off. There is no residue left on the vinyl. Stephanie’s creativity blossoms in all of her products; she pays attention to little details and puts her heart into her products. Even her packaging is adorable! She is constantly looking for ways to improve her items and create new ones. She reaches out to customers and asks what they want, and she listens! I would recommend her products to anyone – young or old! I look forward to being a long time customer.

    Rachel K. @coppercadence

  • Stephanie’s doll cosmetics fit beautifully on any face mold, and they add so much! From eyeliner to eyelashes, and from eye shadow to mani/pedis, she has pretty much anything you could want! She works hard to make sure her customers are happy and her designs are as perfect as they can be.

    Rachel K. @naturefairy38

  • Little Bitty Hearts is amazing. The owner has a true talent, and each package is beautifully designed. It’s always a treat each time I get a new set of makeup. The owner truly cares about her work, designs, and business. The shop is innovative, unique, and quality. I would recommend her business above any other makeup designer out there.

    Mandy K. @freekychicboutique

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