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Little Bitty Hearts Reinvented – Hello!

Little Bitty Hearts Reinvented – Hello!

Little Bitty Hearts Reinvented – Hello!

Welcome to the new home of Little Bitty Hearts Doll Cosmetics! We have been working on our new website for a while, and we are so excited to show you.

What’s new for Little Bitty Hearts?

Improved Website Experience

We have upgraded our website navigation and reorganized your favorite products so they are easier to find than ever. We have also added better product photos and more detailed descriptions, including application instructions. Stay in touch via our blog articles and our cool newsletter, which will keep you updated with our latest news, promotions, and early access to drops.

New Product Releases

Along with the launch of our new website, we are excited to announce another fun collaboration with American Girl Ideas: the limited edition Flamingo Palette. We also released our brand new single layer French mani + pedi set, which promptly sold out, but don’t worry; we have more sets in the works!

  • American Girl Ideas Flamingo Palette
  • Flamingo Palette Contents
  • American Girl French Manicure and Pedicure

Revamped Eye Makeup Designs

In addition to our new releases, we have revamped all of our American Girl eye makeup shapes for a more realistic and universal fit. They are subtle changes that make a world of difference especially in Addy and Jess face molds. The following images are comparisons of our old eyeliner shapes on the left versus our new shapes on the right.

No shape left behind! In addition to revamping our eyeliner, we also improved our eyelashes. We consulted with professional makeup artists to perfect our scales to ensure the best results for all face molds. We completely redesigned our lower lashes – now individual lashes are more defined and extend further inward to look as natural as possible. See the comparisons of our new complete eyelashes (top) and our previous complete eyelashes (bottom) below.

Little Bitty Blythe Everyday
Sweet Little Skyler

Little Bitty Blythe

Little Bitty Hearts Doll Cosmetics has proudly expanded to offer a Neo Blythe doll makeup line called Little Bitty Blythe. We adore these expressive and unique dolls.

Meet Skyler – Katya of EliteMinis By EDW hand carved and painted this little darling who follows us everywhere. Our new doll travel blog will feature her pint-sized adventures.


Sets are now ready to ship from Atlanta, Georgia and include free tracked shipping in the U.S. via USPS First-Class Mail. Orders placed by 12pm EST go out same day, while orders placed after 12pm EST go out next business day. Although some of our sets have increased in size to accommodate this shipping upgrade, all of our prices have stayed the same.

We hope you enjoy our new website! There is so much to learn and get used to, but we are excited and embracing the change. Please let us know what you think below!

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